Some hair blowing facts about NaCl


Some hair blowing facts about NaCl

  • 1. The largest salt flat in the world, the 4,000 square mile Salt Flat of Uyuni in Bolivia, is so reflective that it can be used to calibrate scientific equipment from space. It is also home to half of the world's lithium supply.
  • 2. Pound bars of salt, also known as amoleh, were the currency of Abyssinia (now known as Ethiopia) until the 20th century.
  • 3. Salt is so important to the body that drinking too much can cause it to be flushed out of the body and lead to fatal hyponatremia, which killed Jennifer Strange who was competing in a “Hold Your Wee for a Wii” competition.
  • 4. Too much salt can be fatal, taking around 1 gram of salt for every kilogram of weight, and was used as a ritual suicide in China, especially among the nobility, due to its high cost.
  • 5. Good quality sea salt has many great essential minerals, and the best type should be slightly moist from the sea.
  • 6. The price of salt in the Middle Ages was so high that it was sometimes known as "white gold". One of the main transportation routes for salt is still in use today in Germany, linking the inland town of Lusneburg to Germany's Baltic coast.
  • 7. In India, black salt is made by combining salt water and harad seeds, leaving the mixture to evaporate and leaving black lumps behind. When ground, the powder is pink.
  • 8. In France, the ancient Celts still gather salt in the same manner as before, using baskets to strain the sea water. Because of this, the price of salt is very high and it is very sought after. The best quality of salt, known as the fleur de sel, is known as the "flower of salt". This salt is used to sprinkle on food before serving – never in cooking.
  • 9. Many people mistakenly think Roman soldiers were paid with salt (Salary), but they were actually paid with regular money. Salt may have been associated with Roman soldiers because they guarded the salt roads to Rome (via Salarium). Roman soldiers were private employees – not state employees.
  • 10. Before biblical Judaism came to an end, salt was used with animal sacrifice. This was according to Moses in verse 2:13 of the Book of Leviticus: “When you sacrifice an animal, sprinkle it with salt, and do not take away from it the salt of your God’s covenant from your sacrifice. In all your offerings, sprinkle salt.” Salt symbolizes wisdom and discretion.

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