World art day


World art day

Salt is hygroscopic in nature, which means it absorbs moisture from its environment. When salt is applied to wet watercolor pigment, it attracts the moisture towards itself. This causes the pigment to break down and create different textures and patterns. The size and shape of your salt crystals also play an important role in the final product. For example, fine-grained salt creates more delicate textures. On the other hand, larger crystals will create bolder and more noticeable effects. Experimenting with different types of salts can lead to new discoveries and unexpected results

  • Snowy Landscapes Sprinkling salt on wet watercolor pigment creates a beautiful snowy scene. Salt absorbs the moisture and leaves behind a textured crystalline surface that looks like a snowy wonderland
  • Use salt and watercolor to create beautiful starry night skies! The salt diffuses the pigments and creates a galaxy of small dots and specks that sparkle against the dark backdrop
  • Use salt to create abstract textures and patterns in your children's artwork! Experiment with different sizes, densities and application techniques to come up with unique and eye-catching compositions. Use pipettes to squeeze the watercolor paint and then brush the paint around

Paint Creation :

  • Allow children to be generous with their paint (the paper needs to be wet for salt to work). Give them salt shakers and let them sprinkle the painting and watch the chemical reaction! (No more brushing once the salt is sprinkled!)
  • Start with a small amount and add more as needed. The salt absorbs the moisture and creates unique textures and patterns!
  • Let It Dry
  • Brush off the salt: After the paint has dried, use a clean dry brush to gently remove the salt crystals from the surface of the paint. Make sure you don’t smudge the paint or disturb it too much. The salt crystals will leave some residue behind, but this can add texture and interest to your artwork
  • Invite your children to marvel at the textures and patterns that the salt creates. Your children will be amazed at the unique effects and the depth that the salt creates in their paintings

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