Caustic Soda


Caustic Soda

Sodium hydroxide, also known as Caustic soda or Lye, is the most common alkali salt. The name Caustic soda comes from its corrosive properties on animal and vegetable tissues. Sodium hydroxide has a variety of uses. Its chemical formula is NaOH
In the castner-kellner method, sodium hydroxide is obtained by electrolysis of the brine solution.
CK cell for caustic soda: The steel tank is rectangular in shape and lined with ebonite. The anode is titanium and the cathode is mercury.
The ionization of the brine solution takes place as follows:
When the brine is exposed to an electric current, the positive and negative ions flow towards the electrodes. At the mercury cathode, sodium ions are deposited to form a sodium amalgam, and chloride ions flow to the anode and out of the cell from above.

Anode reaction


Cathode reaction


Cathode reaction

The amalgam is then transported to another chamber known as the denuder. The denuder is where the amalgam is mixed with water to form a solution of sodium chloride. Once the solution is evaporated, solid sodium chloride is formed. This process is highly efficient for producing pure sodium chloride soda

Caustic sode properties

Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) is a white solid with a melting point of about 591K. It is a stable chemical. NaOH has a bitter taste and a soapy texture. It is very soluble in water and slightly soluble in alcohol. Sodium hydroxide is highly alkaline

Caustic soda uses

Sodium hydroxide is used as a cleaning agent and in the production of washing soda. It is sometimes used as a reagent in laboratories. It is used in the production of soda lime. It is used to purify bauxite and to extract aluminum

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