Did you know that you could create art with Salt!


Did you know that you could create art with Salt!

Raised-salt painting actually is an usual favorite activity that is adored by all age groups. Raised salt painting requires simply glue, salt & watercolors.

Now is a wonderful time to let loose if your child has been clamoring to squeeze the glue bottle to the point of exhaustion. Allow them to draw patterns, swirls, letters, or gobs of white glue on the watercolor paper (or any sturdy cardstock) in front of you. Let them enjoy themselves with this step, for real

Use their fingers to sprinkle a mixture of coarse kosher salt and regular table salt over the wet glue. Once it's nicely coated, assist them in shaking the salt about the paper to thoroughly cover the glue. Use the mixing bowl to collect any extra salt by placing it in a handy location

To guarantee that the loose granules reach the basin, tap the paper repeatedly. For young children, waiting is the hardest part, but for the greatest results, wait a few hours for the salt-coated, thick glue to cure completely. No matter your age, seeing paint being applied to the lines of crusted salt is neat. Because the water used for this activity quickly absorbs and passes through the salt crystals, watercolor paints are the perfect medium for it. Remember to use gentle pressure when applying the color, and you won't need much water in the paint. Adding a single drop of paint will cause the salt to diffuse in all directions. Though observe how it largely impacted the paper and only runs through the salt lines. When multiple colors are used sequentially, it is simple to transition from one color to the next, turning the dried salt into a rainbow that flows freely. Set aside the painted piece of art to dry. Give it another good tap-tap-tap over the dish once it has dried to remove any salt that may have come away. To ensure that the raised salt artwork has room behind the glass if you decide to frame your child's artwork, a gallery frame is the ideal option.
& Enjoy!

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