The concept behind Salty ocean


The concept behind Salty ocean

Runoff from the land and openings in the seafloor are the two sources of salt in the ocean. The main source of salts dissolved in seawater is rocks on land. Due to its moderate acidity, rainwater that falls on land erodes rocks. This causes ions to be released, which are then carried away by streams and rivers and finally into the ocean. The ocean's living things use a large portion of the dissolved ions, which are then evacuated from the water. Others are left behind, and as a result, their concentrations grow over time.

Hydrothermal fluids, which come from vents in the seafloor, are another source of salts in the ocean. Seafloor fissures allow ocean water to flow in, where it is heated by lava from the Earth's core. Chemical processes are triggered by heat. The water typically picks up metals like iron, zinc, and copper from the nearby rocks while losing oxygen, magnesium, and sulfates. Through openings on the seafloor, the hot water is expelled, carrying the metals with it. Underwater volcanic eruptions that release minerals into the ocean directly are the source of some ocean salts

The saltiness of the ocean is also influenced by salt domes. All around the planet, huge salt domes that build over geological time frames can be found underground and at sea. They are widespread on the Gulf of Mexico's northwest continental shelf.

Chloride and sodium are two of the ions that are most common in seawater. They account for about 85% of the dissolved ions in the ocean as a whole

The remaining 10% is made up of magnesium and sulfate. Small amounts of other ions are present. Salinity, the measure of how much salt is in seawater, fluctuates with temperature, evaporation, and precipitation. Salinity is often high at mid-latitudes and low at the poles and the equator. 35 parts per thousand is about average for salinity. Or, to put it another way, the dissolved salts make up around 3.5 percent of the weight of saltwater.

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