How do components of salt react to humidity?


How do components of salt react to humidity?

A leading scientist's study demonstrates the good and bad aspects of a water molecule. It also illustrates the way in which a charge—say, on an ion like Na or Cl—can interact with a water molecule.

A recent study from the University of Washington analyzes the peculiar chemistry of the pond to identify the source of the water. It is reported in the most recent research, which was released on September 15 in Earth and Planetary Science Letters, that it is fed by a regional deep groundwater system rather than, as was previously suggested, from rainfall dripping down the valley slopes in the area.

Due to electrical charges and the polar nature of both salt and water molecules, which have positive and negative charges on opposite sides of the molecule, salt dissolves in water at the molecular level. Because the sodium ion is positively charged and the chloride ion is negatively charged, the bonds in salt compounds are known as ionic. Similarly, the nature of a water molecule is ionic.

However, the bond is known as covalent because it is formed when two hydrogen atoms place their positive charges next to each other on opposite sides of a negatively charged oxygen atom. Because the covalent bonds in water are stronger than the ionic ones in salt molecules, salt dissolves when combined with water.

Water molecules have a strong attraction towards negatively-charged chloride ions on the one hand, and a stronger attraction towards positively-charged sodium ions on the other. In essence, there is a tug-of-war, with the water molecules coming out on top. The ionic link that bound sodium and chloride ions together is broken when water molecules pull the ions apart. Following the separation of the salt compounds, This picture illustrates how water molecules envelop the sodium and chloride atoms. Following this, the salt dissolves and forms a uniform solution.

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